Coming to love the identified mind

A friend of my said she is coming to love the identified mind.

I notice I am finding that for myself too, and I am drawn to finding more clarity on it and taking it in more fully.

The identified mind is worried love, it’s trying to help. It’s innocence, it is doing it’s best.

And if the identified mind fights an image of an identified mind, the mind fights itself. Can I see that too as worried love, as an attempt to help? As innocence, as a mind doing it’s best?

As long as the mind identifies with the identified mind as a problem, it’s caught in it’s own dynamics. As soon as there is genuine love for the identified mind, there is a shift. What this all happens within and as notices itself.

2 thoughts to “Coming to love the identified mind”

  1. 🙂 Yes. Identified mind is simply believing thoughts – it is what it does, and it doesn’t have any other choice. There is nothing serious or dramatic going on (although this may happen in interpretation by identified mind).
    In my experience, if identified mind were fundamentally what we are, the discoveries that come with inquiry would not be possible.

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