I see how identified mind is devoted to me. It’s devoted to my protection, my safety. It loves me deeply. (And the “me” here is it’s image of me.)

It’s innocence, it’s worried love, and it’s doing its best.

I also see that meeting it this way feels honest and real. The more I get to know it, the more I see it is – honestly, genuinely – innocence. It is worried love. It is devoted to me. It’s there to protect me.

I find genuine appreciation, gratitude and love for it.

Getting more familiar with it, I also see how it was formed – most likely – in very early childhood. And it was formed from observing what others were doing, specifically my parents and older brother. And that too is innocence. It’s love.

Note: “Me” here refers to the image of me, as this human self. And identified mind is of course how this image of me is made to appear real, solid, substantial, an objective reality. So identified mind solidifies the image of me, and then serves to protect it.

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