Excited to find resistance

During my session with Pamela W. yesterday, I noticed resistance at some point.

Pamela guided me to notice the spaciousness in my chest area, and also the fiery sensation where the heart is.

Seeing this as a flame burning away anything unreal, anything untrue, I see an image of this body inside of the flame, allowing the flame to burn away whatever is created from confusion, misconceptions. There is resistance, so I see myself instead offering these things to the flame, and there is still some hesitation, some fear.

I thank the resistance for being there for me, protecting me, for it’s devotion for me, love for me. I let it know I don’t want it to go away, I need it’s strength.

I ask it why it’s there, what it is protecting me against. The answer is nonexistence. It’s protecting me against not being.

I see I want the same. Identifications may go, and yet something is still here. I let it know I want the same, and share that although identifications may fall away, something is still here. This body will still be here, for a while. This life will still be here.

The flame burn away anything that is created from confusion, misconceptions. It burns away identifications, wounds, trauma. It leaves what’s aligned with reality, it leaves awareness, love, functioning from kindness and wisdom.

Pamela guided me through some further explorations of this. After the session, I noticed that this was the part I felt most grateful for, and even excited about. I notice it’s genuinely exciting to find resistance. It shows me what’s left. I am curious of what may be revealed in it’s place, and how it will unfold in my life.

Some thoughts behind the resistance:

Nothing will be left. Everything will burn up.

I won’t be able to function. I won’t be able to take care of myself.



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