Exploring basic labels of emotional pain, suffering, unease etc.

Last night, as fear and other experiences surfaced, I noticed the tendency for the mind to generate certain labels: It’s old wounds. It’s primal fear. It’s emotional pain. It’s suffering. It’s unease. It’s resistance.

And I found it very interesting to explore each of these labels, especially the basic labels of fear, pain, suffering and unease/discomfort.

It’s discomfort. Is it true? Can I find where it’s turnaround – it’s comfort – is genuinely true for me?

As I explore this, there is a sense of transparency.

At first, when the label discomfort is taken unquestioned and taken as true, what’s labeled discomfort appears as discomfort, and it appears quite solidly and truly so. I also see how it triggers thoughts about discomfort, such as it’s easier to distract myself from it, I need it to change. And how there is a struggle with it, a desire to manipulate it, change it, move away from it, and so on. It’s taken as an enemy in my mind. I also see how the struggle appears between an image of discomfort, a me relating to it, and that struggle itself is an image. It’s all happening within my world of images.

Then, as I investigate it’s turnaround, there is a sense of transparency. I see how what was labeled discomfort can be labeled comfort, and how it’s equally or more true for me. I see that what can be labeled discomfort or comfort is something quite different from how it initially appeared. It’s revealed as awakeness, as the play of awakeness, as something that genuinely can be labeled comfort.

I notice something else happening here. When the initial label of discomfort is taken as true, the sense of a me or I struggling with it is solidified. And as the label of discomfort is sincerely questioned and investigated, what is labeled and the label are revealed as awakeness, and the sense of me or I is equally recognized as awakeness. It’s shown as the play of awakeness, and something that appears as a me or I simply because of a label taken as true.

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