Flame near the heart

I have heard and read about the flame in the upper area of the heart, and I told myself I didn’t resonate with me.

After the session with Pamela a couple of nights ago, I suddenly realized it does resonate, I just didn’t make the connection before now.

When I bring attention to the chest area, there is space, and there is also the fiery sensation – a fiery love – in or near the physical heart. And, of course, this may well be related to the flame Ramana Maharshi and others talk about. For me, it was a fiery sensation centered in the heart area, and I didn’t think of it as a flame.

When I do Christ centered practices, this fiery sensation in the heart area is brought to the foreground, along with a fiery sensation on top of the head, and also sometimes in the belly area. (And the fiery sensation on top of the head does look like a flame in the aura, as I have noticed when looking at it in the mirror.)

Pamela invited me to (a) visualize my body in the flame, or (b) visualize offering to the flame whatever is not aligned with reality, whatever wounds, trauma, confusion, regrets, fears are here. It burns away what’s not aligned with reality, nothing precious goes away. And what’s left is what I am – love, wisdom, awakeness, functioning in the world. I notice it seems to be the right time to do this.

Some thoughts about this:

I am slow. I am slow in getting it.

And some resistant thoughts to burning away what’s not aligned with reality:

I won’t function. I will fall apart. I won’t know who I am. I will lose my bearings.

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