Inquiry: Clarity is better than confusion

Clarity is better than confusion.

(Confusion = taking a thought as true. Clarity = recognizing it as a thought, what it’s happening within/as recognizing itself.)

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Is it true?


What happens, how do you react, when you have that thought?

I become concerned with whether what’s here is clarity or confusion.

I think others are more clear than me, I need it.

I think I am more clear than someone else.

In both cases, there is a sense of separation, isolation, something to get or protect.

It sets up the appearance of space (me, others) and time (future, past, present) as solid and real, as something that sets the stage of me being confused/clear compared with others being confused/clear, or me being confused/clear now and being the reverse sometime in the future or past. It set the stage for projections of what’s really here now.

It’s uncomfortable.

Who would you be without it?

With what’s here.

Befriending what’s here, whether it can be labelled as “clarity” or “confusion”.

Recognizing that clarity and confusion are labels, not reality.

More easily recognizing what appears “out there” in others, in past/future, as here now. There are images of clarity/confusion “out there” and those images, and what they refer to, is here now.

More easily recognizing both as equal. As movements of mind (God, Spirit). As happening within/as Spirit (God, life).


Clarity is not better than confusion.

Confusion and clarity are both the movements of mind, appearances within/as mind (Spirit, God).

Confusion and clarity are human experiences, part of being human.

If I take the thought “it’s clarity” as true, then it’s not better than confusion. It is confusion.

Clarity is worse than confusion.

If the thought I am clear, he/she is not is taken as true, it’s worse than what I think of as confusion. It is confusion.

Confusion is better than clarity.

Confusion helps me stay humble, real. I see I am just like anyone else.

Confusion is here, sometimes, which means life (God, Spirit) must see it as more valuable than confusion.

I don’t know that one is “better” than the other. It’s just assumptions. Even if everyone, including all spiritual masters, say clarity is better, I really don’t know.

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