Inquiry: I can do it later

I can do it later.

Situation: Being with what’s here.

(Welcoming my experience – the discomfort, unease, fear – as a friend, a lover.)

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Is it true?


Can you be certain it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you have that belief?

I tell myself I can do it later.

I distract myself, do something else.

I create a habit of leaving what’s here, and distract myself.

I use anything as a distraction – internet, news, videos, podcasts, a magazine, a project, talking with friends, going for a walk, doing something on my “to do” list, taking a nap, eating, talking about being with what’s here or inquiry instead of doing it.

I experience unease.

My body feels jittery.

I want to do it later. I see it as easier to do it later. I think I need to be in another frame of mind, so I’ll wait and do it later.

I treat what’s here – the experience – as too hot to handle. I avoid it. Touch it briefly and then do something else. I avoid it as the plague.

I reinforce my fears about welcoming what’s here.

I reinforce my beliefs about why it’s better, or easier, to avoid what’s here.

Who would you be without that thought?

I am open to being with it now.

I am with it now.

I fall into being with it now.


I can’t do it later.

What’s here now is here now, not later. It will be gone. Something else will be here instead.

“Later” is only in my images of time, a future. I can’t find it anywhere else.

If I avoid it now, I train myself to avoid it, I deepen the habit of avoiding it. It makes it less likely I will do it later.

I can do it now.

If I want to be with what’s here, now is the only option.

When I do it now, it’s different from my images and fears about it.

I can’t find any reason not to do it now, apart from my thoughts and fears about it. (Taking these as true, getting caught up in them.)

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