Interview with Bentinho Massaro

I listened to this interview with Bentinho Massaro, and especially enjoyed the part from 1:05 on.

He talks, among other things, of the question, what if I can’t escape?

What if it will be this way for the rest of life? How can I then find peace with it? How can I be OK with this?

And at 1:22 he talks about a fearlessness of experience, allowing emotions and experiences their life.

There is more to this, of course, which he is fully aware of as well.

If there is the thought that I can escape this experience, is that true? What do I find? When I look at an instance where I thought I was able to escape experience, what do I find? Was I able to escape? Is it possible to escape? Or is that just an (unexamined) image, a thought?

And is it true that there isn’t already a fearlessness about experience? Is it true it’s not already allowed, and allowed fearlessly? How is it to notice? Can I feel it?

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