Investigating basic body labels

I keep exploring basic sensations and labels while in bed, before falling asleep.

Last night, the label pain – and headache – came up.

Staying with the sensations, what’s there?

Can if find where the turnaround, it’s pleasure, is equally or more true?

Exploring this, it’s as if I am looking behind the veils of the initial beliefs. When I stop at the initial label – it’s pain – it looks a certain way. It seems solid, real, “out there” in the world, and it triggers a range of additional beliefs including another experience is better, I want it to go away, I am a victim. When I look at what’s there in sensations, something else is revealed. It’s something that the label doesn’t fit on anymore. The sensations are revealed as awareness itself. I find how the turnaround – it’s pleasure – is genuinely true for me.

In the beginning, it required going to this exploration intentionally and it felt like “work”. Now, after being more familiar with it, it’s more available, it’s more familiar. And it’s different and fresh each time. What’s really here, in sensations? Can I find how the turnaround is equally or more true, here and now?

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