Inquiry: It’s suffering

As with so much, this is something that I assume is transparent if it resonates with your own experience, and appears opaque and mysterious – and perhaps even impossible or as wishful thinking – if not.

Any experience happens within and as what I am. It’s the play of this awakeness, and that which allows this awakeness and it’s play.

Any label on this experience is mind made, it’s created from images and thoughts. When mind identifies with these, the labels seem real and substantial. I see, feel and live as if they are true. And it’s also possible to take a closer look, to see these dynamics, and see what’s there behind the labels and images.

As I went to bed, something surfaced. Something that thought could label old wounds, old heartbreaks, childhood hurts, knots, unfinished business, primal fears, survival fears.

Thoughts also suggested it’s pain, it’s suffering. Turned around, the thought is it’s bliss. And I found that too. It’s bliss. That’s as or more true than that it’s suffering. I see how it’s all the play of awareness, of this awakeness. It’s made of the same as any other experience. It’s the play of awakeness.

If it’s bliss, if that label is genuinely fitting, why escape it? There is no need to escape it. No wish to escape it. Even what can be labeled an old impulse to escape, is this bliss. It’s the play of awakeness.

I also see it takes something – commitment, curiosity, kindness, grace? – to stay with this. In a certain sense, it goes against old habits. And that’s an image and a thought too. It’s just what’s here now.



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