K: All striving had ended

I am reading a book with personal accounts of the awakening process by two people. It’s very good, also because I get to see some of my own beliefs, sometimes by finding one-liners – what appears to me as beliefs, assumptions – in what’s written. One is this:

All striving, all worry, all efforting had ended. (p. 36, We are the Awakening Christ.)

I understand it can be experienced that way. And I don’t know how it is for her. It may very well be true in her experience, as she writes it.

For me, I see that when I have had those “all” thoughts, it’s not quite true. It’s a bit of wishful thinking. I cannot know that “all” of it is over. And if I look, I can find examples of the turnaround – not all of it is over. There is always something left. (I am grateful when I find it, because it keeps me humble, real.)

Some thoughts for me to look at:

She is avoiding reality. She is (unintentionally) dishonest. She is doing people a disservice (by setting up unrealistic expectations). She is misguided. She is caught in wishful thinking.


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