Katie: Whenever you invite me, I’ll jump into your dream

Whenever you invite me, I’ll jump into your dream. I’ll follow you through the tunnel, into the darkness, into the darkest pit of suffering. Ill meet you there, I’ll take you by the hand, and we’ll walk through it together into the light. There’s no place I won’t enter. I’m everything, everywhere. What I have heard from many people is, Thank you for going to hell and coming back for me. You are my echo, you are every concept I ever believed when I was so confused. Every suffering that’s ever been felt I’m the teacher of that. I go back for what’s left of myself. There’s total freedom here: all suffering has ended for now. And since the external turned out to be the internal, as long as there’s one person suffering, it’s my suffering. I don’t experience it from here, but there is no separation. ‘There’ is here. And I remember the illusion. Love comes back to connect with itself even in its purest state. Until you are free, I am not free. I know that you are free. And if you tell me you’re not, I understand, because I used to believe that too. And I really have no ideas whether you should or shouldn’t suffer. I respect your path as much as I respect my own. I understand it if you are mesmerized by your story of who you are and you want to hold to it for now. If you really don’t want to suffer, I’m there for you.
~ Byron Katie


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