I keep returning to this:

Fear (unease, discomfort, emotional pain, physical pain, anger, frustration) surfaces.

When I remember, I thank it – sincerely, genuinely – for being there for me. For it’s devotion to me. For it wanting the best for me. I meet it with appreciation, understanding, love.

And it makes all the difference.

I also see what so many has reported before me, that most or perhaps all of the discomfort is from my resistance to what’s here.

Fear surface. I meet it with resistance. I see it as an enemy. And I experience a great deal of fear. It seems overwhelming, unmanageable.

Fear surface. And I meet it with thanks, with love, understanding, and appreciation. And it’s still there, as a friend, although very gently.

How is it that fear (unease, discomfort, emotional or physical pain etc.) is is there for me, is devoted to me, wants the best for me?

I find this most easily through inquiry, for instance The Work or the Big Mind process.

I am instructing a class. Fear comes up. And I see the fear is there for me. It wants me to do well, for the students to like me and the class, it wants me to be loved, approved, and accepted. And it wants that purely out of devotion for me. It’s intention is to be there for me, and providing the best for me. It’s love.

And I also see that the images, assumptions and thoughts behind this fear may not be completely true. The fear may be based on images, assumptions and beliefs from my family, society and culture. And when I take a closer look at these images, assumptions and thoughts, I may find something quite different.

So there are two layers here: Meeting what comes up with appreciation, understanding, and love, recognizing it is coming from love and devotion for me. And identifying and inquiring into the images, assumptions, and thoughts behind what surfaces, and find what’s more true for me.

The love I have sought from others, is really this love – the love I meet these parts of myself with, the love I meet my own experience with.

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