Thoughts about how others see my tiredness

I notice that when thoughts tell me others will judge me for my fatigue, I feel tired, sometimes very tired.

And if I think others accept my fatigue completely, even value it, then I tend to feel energetic.

Of course, I am the one doing it all. Mind identifies with thoughts about these other people, what it means, and so on. And that brings about heaviness, separation and fatigue, or a sense of acceptance, connection and energy.

Some thoughts I notice:

She judges me for the fatigue. She won’t like me. She won’t want to be with me. She will leave me.

He thinks I am lazy. He sees me as second rate. He pities me. He dismisses me.

And some more (when I do inquiry, I can find a situation where I projected these onto others):

Fatigue is my fault. I am responsible. I should be over it.

Fatigue means…. I am lazy, my life is worth less, I am unable to contribute, I won’t have the life I want, I can’t do what I want.

I have fatigue because…. life is punishing me, God wants to teach me something, I am not getting the lesson.

It’s fatigue. It’s tiredness.

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