Friends with the resistance

When I find myself in a situation in my life that seems stuck, that doesn’t seem to change, I often notice a split.

One part of me wants change and another doesn’t want change.  And the more I resist and try to push away the part that doesn’t want change, the more it digs in, and the more entrenched it often makes itself.

And it’s all based on a misconception. I believe (a) that the resistance is wrong or bad, (b) that by resisting and pushing away the resistance, it will go away, and (c) that this will be the best solution. Fortunately, life has a different approach. It knows that there is wisdom in the resistance, so it lets it stay.

So what can I do? I can….

Welcome the resistance. Recognize that it’s there for me. It’s devoted to me. It’s there for me. It’s there to inform and protect me. It wants the best for me. It’s worried love.

Listen to what it has to say. What do you have to tell me? Share your wisdom with me. What do you try to protect me from? What would you like from me?

Let it know that I appreciate it for it’s service to me. Thank you. Thank you.

Let it know it has a right to be here. You are allowed to be here. You are welcome here.

And if the appreciation and welcome feels a little off, it means there is more for me to see. In what way is this resistance there for me? In what way does it have my best interest at heart? What is it’s wisdom? How can I incorporate it into my life?

Some areas of life where I want to explore this:

Health – moving out of cf and into fuller health, vibrant health.

Money – abundance.

Didn’t want to incarnate – image/memory from before incarnation.

Relationship – a relationship that feels deeply right, nurturing, joyful.

Life in general – abundance, a life I love, feels deeply right, on track, making money doing what I love.

Experience – resistance to experience, to what’s here, to pain, discomfort, fear, anger, sadness.

Some folks that take this or a similar approach: Adyashanti, Pamela Wilson, Process Work, Voice Dialog/Big Mind Process.


– split, a part that want change and one that doesn’t want change
– resist that part, push it away
– becomes more entrenched, digging in

– you have a right to be here, you are allowed to be here



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