Bentinho Massaro: Realization is endless

‘Realization’, ‘Enlightenment’, ‘Awakening’…

It can be valuable to be more specific. Realization isn’t just one thing, and it most of all isn’t an objective thing that everybody gets to in the same way, nor is the thing or realization itself the same for everyone. Enlightenment is subjective.

There are many types of awakening, many facets to the crystal of realization.

To figure out that it is handier to open your door’s lock with the key in your left hand instead of your right hand is a realization of the One Existence.

To understand that you are not separate from all of life, is a realization of the One Existence.

To intuit how – from the absolute view – nothing ever happened and nobody was ever here, is a realization of the One Existence.

So what are we talking about when we’re talking about Self-Realization, or Enlightenment? WHAT part of the Self did you realize? What facet of yourself did you experience? What part of the illusion did you celebrate by reflecting it back to consciousness?

Realization is endless. As long as there is experience taking place within your consciousness, there is going to be realizations. In this way, it is never-ending. Hence we sometimes refer to this as ‘the deepening.’

Since it’s endless, don’t worry about getting to the end, instead, enjoy your next realization to the fullest… squeeze it dry, be fully present to it, lose yourself in it. Submerge in the love of Realization. Whatever it is you are realizing, marvel at the inexplainable mystery of it all.

– Bentinho Massaro

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