Inquiry: He is small minded

He is small minded.

Situation: A critic who complained about the 48 frames per second of the Hobbit.

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Is it true?


Do you know for certain it’s true?


What happens, how do you react, when you have that belief?

I see an image of him as seeking the security of the familiar. I see him as timid.

I think of him as not very bright, since he doesn’t realize the only reason he doesn’t like it is that it’s unfamiliar.

I think of him as without any knowledge of history, since any new innovation is met that way by small minded (comfort/safety seeking) people.

I avoid articles written by these people, and seek out articles by people more favorable to 48fps.

I make them wrong in my mind.

Who would you be without that thought?

I take it less or not personally whether he prefers 48 or 24fps.

I realize there may be many reasons why he doesn’t like it, and I may agree with some (or all) of them.

I may find how each reason is valid for me, or how I do the same in other areas of life.

I see I still am free to keep my preference for 48fps.

I feel more connected.


I am small minded

I am small minded about him:

When I hold onto the initial belief, I assume I know why he has another preference.

I am small minded about 48fps:

When I hold onto the initial belief, I am not open to find how his reasons may be valid for me too.

He is not small minded

He says he loves the movie overall. That’s not small minded.

He said he prefers 24fps just because he is old fashioned. Admitting that isn’t small minded.

He is large minded

He didn’t say he thought 48fps is less good, only that he personally prefers 24fps. That’s large minded.

He shared his reason for preferring 24fps, and it’s a personal reason, so sharing it is large minded.

He said he hasn’t watched it in 48fps, and sharing that is  honest and large minded.

Although he is a Tolkien fan, he approves of and likes the adaptions made for the movie.

He may be large minded in other areas of life.

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I initially wrote “a critic who complained about the 48fps of the Hobbit movie”, and what’s more true is that he said he personally prefers 24fps.

I wasn’t able to acknowledge this when I believed my initial thought.

I also see how valuable it is to stay very close to the initial situation (his view on 48fps) when I find examples for each turnaround.

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