In a conversation with Barry some months back, he mention that I had been through a regression phase, and am now starting to move forward again to pick up the pieces I missed the first time.

It fits my experience. My system went back in time, through my twenties, teens, childhood, infancy, even before birth. Traumas surfaced. Wounds. Beliefs formed or triggered at different times. And it all came up to be seen, felt, loved.

Now, there is a sense of moving forward through these phases of my life again, with an opportunity to learn and experience much that wasn’t seen, recognized, learned or experienced the first time.

An interesting and amusing note here is that this regression/progression also has included a renewed interest in my childhood comics. I bought a 50s style rocket and a Tintin figure on a motor bike, my early teens interest in UFOs was briefly reignited, I have visited Disneyland, gone roller skating, watched a lot of Japanese anime, and much more. And it feels like an integral part of the healing process, and in picking up the pieces left the first time.

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