Seeking and addictions

I have explored a simple variation of (what I imagine is) Scott Kiloby’s approach to exploring seeking and addictions.

(1) Identify a seeking (seeking Enlightenment, relationships, money, status, security, pleasure, approval, love, acceptance etc.), an addictive tendency, or an addiction (food, sugar, alcohol, sex, or even one of the above). This seeking, addictive tendency, or addiction may be to anything, and perhaps the only addiction is really to taking certain images and thoughts as true.

(2) What do you hope to get out of it? What’s the perceived need you are hoping to fulfill?

(3a) Imagine having it. How does it feel in your body? Stay with that feeling for a while.

(3b) Imagine the seeking dropping away, for no reason or any reason. (Perhaps because there it no longer the thought you don’t have it.) How does it feel in your body? Stay with that feeling for a while.

(4) Are you open to finding that feeling in your body the next time you notice this seeking, addictive tendency, or addiction?

This shows me that what I seek is available here now, and I can find it directly rather than go the way of sugar, approval from others, money or whatever else it may be. In addition to this simple process, I can inquire into any images or thoughts that seem to be behind the seeking or addiction.

Some additional addictions: Seeking. Being a victim. Drama. Being a helper. Being of service. And, again, it’s all really just an addiction to taking images and thoughts as true.

Note: What I write about here is my take on a very brief exposure of his process. I am looking forward to exploring his take on it more in depth.

2 thoughts to “Seeking and addictions”

  1. Thank you. This is a helpful reminder. Mind you the part that feels deprived can sometimes be extremely compulsive and it seems to take noticing early in the process to use this form of inquiry. Once I’m further down the pattern/habit…it feels extremely difficult to stop, listen, notice and make a new choice.

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