The sweetness of images surfacing to find liberation vs ego coming back with a vengeance

After an opening or awakening, it seems common to have a phase where confused parts of us surface to align more consciously with reality.

More precisely, images and thoughts still held as true surface to find liberation from being taken as true. And thoughts may label what’s surfacing as wounds, hangups, neediness, trauma, and so on.

It’s a natural and beautiful process. And, depending on how it’s met, it can be sweet and relatively peaceful, or it can be experienced as confusing, dramatic, and painful. For me, as for many others, it’s one or the other at different times.

And how we meet it depends on how we understand or view what’s happening. It depends on what images and stories come up to help explain it, and how tightly we hold onto those stories.

I sometimes hear people talking about this process using words such as the ego is coming back with a vengeance, the ego is fighting for it’s life, and even labeling what surfaces as our human garbage. I understand how it can be seen that way. And for me, those stories feel quite painful if I try them on. If I hold onto these images as true, I make what’s happening into an enemy for myself, and there is struggle and discomfort. Something else is more true for me, and more peaceful. It’s a call for love.

Note: There are many ways of talking about this, obviously. And I sometimes have the thought that I need to chose between what feels honest, simple and true for me, and the language most people use in talking about this. For instance, I can say that Spirit awakens to itself, and anything in our human self not consciously aligned with all as Spirit and all as Love surfaces so it can align more consciously. That’s relatively accurate, in my experience, and I have used these words earlier in this blog. And yet, it feels a little grandiose. Instead of Spirit, I could say awakeness, which is perhaps more descriptive. And yet, what it points to is what’s here for everyone, so awakeness sounds a little too artificial or unusual. This is a reminder that words are, at most, pointers. Whatever words works best as pointers for me now are the ones I’ll be most comfortable using.

Note 2: If I put more into these blog posts, I would write about each topic from a few different perspectives. For instance, I could write about it using….. (a) Spirit or God language, (b) a psychological / depth psychology perspective, (c) an energy perspective, (d) an inquiry perspective, (e) a body oriented perspective, (f) how it plays out in relationships, and so on.


notes and drafts…..

– the ego back with a vengeance, the ego fighting for it’s life?
– what’s more true for me: what’s left comes up, seek it’s liberation, to be seen/felt/loved as is, for thoughts to be released from being taken as true etc.
– (the “dark” seeks the “light”)

– some call it “garbage” etc. (dismissive)


After an opening or initial awakening, there may be a period where our unprocessed human stuff surfaces to align with what has been seen. Our wounds and hangups were created from beliefs, from taking certain images and thoughts as true. And now they – and the beliefs they were created from and are recreated from .


After an opening or initial awakening, I sometimes hear people say the ego is coming back with a vengeance, and the ego is fighting for it’s life.

I understand where it comes from, and that it can be seen that way. And yet, something else is more true for me.

What’s left comes up to be seen, felt and loved, to seek it’s liberation. Thoughts surface to be released from being taken as true.

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