Adyashanti: It’s very simple, that’s the difficulty of it

It’s very simple. That’s the difficulty of it. It’s extraordinarily simple, and it’s very arduous for a human being to do something very simple with any consistency.

We want to read what anyone wrote on the gateless gate when they got there. All the theories of how they got beyond it when they got there.

There is a great tendency to go into complexity, isn’t it. It’s natural. It’s what human beings do when they meet the unknown. They go into complexity and explanations and make horizontal movements along the frontier of the mind.

Recognizing that is very powerful. You have been through it, you have done it. I have done that. I have gone through the complexity. I have looked for explanations, I looked for teachings to have it all make sense. I have been through that, I have done it. It’s over. It’s got me here. Great. Bow to what brought you here. Thank it. And be there, just be there.

The fear comes up. Fine, then you see what you have been running from for decades. I have been managing my inner state because I don’t want to feel that, that insecurity, the unknown, and the fear it creates. And you realize, holy smokes, ninety percent of my spiritual path has actually been a way to modulate that experience, to make sure I don’t have to deal with it.

This is not about modulating. That’s where you belonged all along. That was your doorway. They didn’t tell you that, and you never expected it. Because we think the doorway to heaven to be nicely garnished, beautifully painted, we don’t think it’s gonna be stark raving existential terror and I will die,  and the void will suck me up into infinity, and I won’t know anything ever. We don’t think that’s the doorway to heaven, and there it is.

– Adyashanti, Dying Into the River of Existence, CD 7 track 12

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