How sincere am I?

I may live mostly from sincerity, but there are some situations and areas of life where I hold back. One of the ways I hold back is to sometimes not admit to myself what I know that I don’t want to know. Another is when I shy away from finding a clear intention to feel, take in, and live from what’s true for me, especially when it runs against remaining fears and beliefs. Another is not consistently recognize what’s here as already allowed, as awareness, as love. So how do I stop myself? What I fear the most of living from complete sincerity is….

It won’t be worth it.

People will see me as a fool.

I will have to make uncomfortable changes in my life.

I won’t be up to it. I won’t be able to do it.

I will go half way and stop (and it will leave me in a difficult situation).

I won’t know where it takes me.

I will have to give up my life (my plans, wishes, desires, hopes).

I will have to give up the ways I (subtly) manipulate others to get what I want.


– complete sincerity – brings up fear, an unknown path
– fear of what it will require of me, changes in my life, where it will bring me, what others will think, sacrifices,

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