I lean as close to you as I can

Because the one I love, lives inside of you, I lean as close to you as I can.
– Gina Sala

If all is what I am (aka awareness, God, Spirit), then feeling what’s here, welcoming what’s here, is what I am meeting itself, feeling itself, welcoming itself. In a more poetic language, it’s God feeling itself, welcoming itself. Spirit feeling itself, welcoming itself.

There is a natural draw to this, and also ambivalence. Images and thoughts, when taken as true, says something terrible may happen if I lean close to what’s here (if they see what’s here as undesirable or wrong), or that something else is more important (if it’s seen as ordinary, mundane). In this case, these are the guardians of the treasure. These are the ones protecting the appearance of a separate self, a me or I (subject) experiencing (relationship) an emotion, a physical pain, an image or a thought (object). 

Leaning away from what’s here, from this emotion, physical pain, discomfort, image or thought, the story that what’s here is wrong, is not God, is not awareness, is not love and innocence, is lived as true and reinforced. The story that something terrible will happen if I lean close, or that something else (a distraction) is more important, is lived and made to appear more true. 

Leaning close to what’s here, reality has an opportunity to reveal itself to itself. 


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