Session with Barry – #2 in new series

Notes from a recent session with Barry:

b: experience lack of mental clarity, confusion, age regression, when gets back to pre-verbal states, the whole mind goes back to pre-verbal states, it just needs love, safety, all the things it didn’t get then, then it can heal and redevelop, it was very helpful for me to see at the time when i went through it, the more developed parts of my mind knew things that transcended where i was having to go, then realized it doesn’t apply, got to go where that mind is

go back to places in the wounded child consciousness, penetrate those places that have been locked off, (see that they come from love, they are not an enemy)
they are doing their best, doing it out of love, just misguided
i wish i had understood more about love then, the importance of love, a much more effective and gentle way to deal with these things, Christ tried to get through to me
a place that wants love to, the place that feels totally hopeless
what is next, all you can do is stay with what is next, life is always attempting to bring forth more life, is bringing you what you need to experience to heal, so in time you’ll flower again, you had to go down to the roots of your being, deep deep healing, die back, die back, so it can begin to unfold again, an organic process, sometimes you feel stuck, and that’s just another step in the process, where that takes you, you can be assured that if you face it, embrace it, hold it all in love, something magical happens, love is the alchemical agency that heals everything
African tribe, when one of their members act out, dysfunctional behavior, they tell that person how much he is loved, all the beautiful things about that person, we live in a culture where the opposite is what happens, so now you have to do that with yourself and for yourself, i understand, i have done that and still do it, those parts that are not fully healed and recovered
shining into deeper and deeper parts of your being so it can root itself, be more fully embodied
ask to be taken to whatever you need to see or experience, as part of this journey of unfolding this light, bringing it more fully into embodiment, so p. is a fully functional illumined human being
p: numbness around the heart, in the heart area
b: hold it in the field of love, openness, experience it
p: pain in forehead, throat, just before crying, vulnerable, lost, from early childhood, not understanding the world, tightening of the jaw muscles, a part pretending to be tough, on top of it all, better than others, under it sense of being vulnerable, i cant understand the world, completely confusing to me, lost, wanting to cry, numbness in head area, my mind is numb, fuzzy, (a part of me decided to make my mind go numb, fuzzy, because of fear, sense of being lost, alone),
b: lost feeling, not having a clue of how the world functions, how it works, not getting it somehow, locate it as a pattern of energy, bring presence and love to it
p: find it in my heart, heartache……. almost fell asleep
p: heartache, and another part pretending nothing is wrong (can be labeled smug, slick, arrogant, lived from it a lot in my twenties)
b: experiencing an energy building up deep deep in your core, coiling up with potential, wants to come forth, explosion of life, wants to come forth, see if you can touch it
p: can feel it in my belly, soft, deep quality, strong, powerful
b: if you feel drawn to it, can invite it to come forth, open up space, tell it you like it to move, expand
b: it feels like its the energy of the new birth, its like the explosion that waits on the other side of the implosion, after death, its starting deep deep in your belly, in your core, i experience a lot of activity in your base chakra, up from base chakra into your belly, like a volcano, building pressure, expanding up into this big ball of life energy, coming up into your belly, just hear it, just take it in
b: come back to the thread of your own inner process, be led where your consciousness wants to go
p: sharp sensation in forehead, between the eyebrows, a little higher, almost a sensation of a cork in a wine bottle, staying with sense of pressure (image of a little snake coming out of a small opening where the cork was), notice a numbness, especially around the top of the head, top half of the head
p: a sadness, heart area, also the hardness, pretending nothing is going on

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