Session with Barry – #3 in new series

b: something we haven’t done, go into the subconscious, meet the different selves, subpersonalities, and find out their stories, they try as best as they can, and love is behind it, they realize that what they are doing is not the most helpful thing, then ask if they would like to be integrated, be part of the soul again, some part of the psyche that didn’t get developed  got split off, distorted and warped, didn’t get the chance to develop into their intended soul function, reintegrate into the soul, become what they were supposed to be, their originally intended nature,

b: you are in a process where the process outside is mirroring the process inside (somewhat fragmented, confusing), and as you come back together, the outer life reflect that, will embody what you really need,
b: consecrate this time, bring forth your whole complete self, your highest nature into a full complete embodiment in human nature, then all these difficulties (in your life situation) will disappear
b: breathing, feeling, witnessing in the space above the heart
b: ask higher aspects to take over the process, guide it, those higher aspects become fully integrated, complete human embodiment
b: surrender it, quiet space, see what arises
p: numbness in heart area, also in head area
b: open loving embrace, enfolding of them, joining with them
p: sharp sensation in heart area, heart ache, sadness, numbness in heart/head/throat, anger at life that i had to go numb (to protect myself, my heart)
p: disappointment in my mother, she wasn’t the type of mother i wanted, very early in life
p: went numb to protect my heart, deep sadness (missed out of being fully alive)
b: wonder if time to go into the numbness, the pain underneath, see if it’s time for it to heal
p: a lot of fear behind it, the numbness, it needs to know it’s safe
b: hold it gently in love, the numbness, the fear behind it, there is no hurry
p: another part, protector, saying it’s fake – trying to keep me safe, its job
b: thank it, tell it everything is fine, give it love, invite it to come in, be part of things, it’s safe to be here, it’s safe for everybody to be here
p: that’s what i wish i could have had from my mother, that she could have told me that – it’s safe here, it’s safe for everybody to be here (all of me, all the parts)
p: a fear in won’t be able to do it, won’t be able to help these parts feel safe
b: here is where you can ask for help, there is grace, there are vast aspects of yourself and other presences that are here wanting to help you, you can ask for that help
b: i would like to ask for the resurrecting power of Christ  this too can be resurrected, anything can be resurrected
b: just ask for it, feel it in your heart, your intention for it, the greatest gift he did for the planet through the death and resurrection, he brought the godhead into the deepest matter, it’s available to all of us, anything things have gotten difficult for us, we ask for this, any time things seems hopeless, beyond the beyond, this is what we do, it’s a gift of grace, about our willingness to receive it, omnipresent grace, all we have to realize is that we are worthy, Jesus brought this grace to the planet out of the infinite love of the divine, the infinite love that doesn’t want to see us suffer
p: i have had the belief that god wants me to suffer to mature, grow
b: there is some truth to it, and if we are willing to die in the moment there is no need to suffer, complete prostration to god, giving ourselves completely, emotions, body, mind, inner asana, inner place we come to, we don’t have to suffer if we are willing to die, willing to die to the sense of a separate i, the me, and that even means ones suffering self, and if we are not ready, then that’s fine too,
b: your ten years of suffering, that’s part of god’s experience too, it’s beautiful, god wants to have all of these experience, it’s not wrong, that puts another facet on the infinitely faceted jewel that god is, your soul is going to be faceted to be an exquisite expression of the divine, allows it to reflect light in many more ways, infinite ways that the divine wants to reflect itself through our embodiment
b: feel the freedom in that, it’s absolute freedom, boundless love
b: do you have our third book, i was a complete agnostic, even when i started to wake up it was all about going to india, papaji, babaji, free john, all of a sudden, in the middle of a divorce, there was the presence of Christ  and the Christ began to come to me as the universal Christ and the being Jesus, after Sufism, Buddhism, I have been with teachers of almost every kind, and every time it looped back to Christ, and everything I came to understand is in that book, what that being brought to us in grace, the possibility for us, he was the fruit, the end of all the Avatars that had gone before, he was the one who got to carry the baton across the finish line, his grace is so immense, available omnipresently, the most important grace in our time, i feel it in my life, so i invite you to go into that
b: there is a picture of Jesus painter from the shroud, i was in germany, married to a german woman, living in dusseldorf, swedish priest left the priesthood, followed papaji, pujas, had a picture of Jesus, painted from the shroud of Turin, gave me a copy of this picture, 83-85, it blew me wide open, Christ chose me, i didn’t chose him
b: invite you to go into the book, not a reading but an experiential journey, a way to get it directly,
p: a fear that i am not up to it, will lose courage
b: you are not, you are not doing this, just surrender that fear, that doubt, that’s how i made it through, i made it through on my belly, fell down on my belly,
b: let’s ask together, Christ comes into your awareness, come into communion with Christ, during the next period of time, that it happens for p
b: would you like to touch base same time next week? something very powerful, this regular connecting

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