Session with Barry – #4 in new series

I did a session with Barry last week, where we invited in the presence of Christ, resurrection etc.

Here is a brief recap of some of the highlights:

I notice something descending on me, enveloping me. It’s an experience of being held. What’s enveloping me is white, soft, gentle, loving, silent, creative, intelligent.

I notice it seeping through me, suffusing me, my body and mind becomes this soft, gentle, loving presence.

There is a large golden ball of light beneath me. It ascends, up to my arms, then enveloping me.

There is a shower, as if a shower of golden sparks on me and through me.

Barry experienced the same at the same time as I did throughout this session. He asked, and was told this is the first mantle of Christ, described on page 51 in the e-version of his book We Are the Awakening Christ. This is where Christ takes us on and commits to bring us home. The second mantle is where we commit our lives to Christ, all of it without exceptions (I am not quite there yet, during this turn of the spiral).

Since that session, I have experienced this soft, gentle, white – or light golden – presence of Christ through and in me, in my heart area, and I have stayed with the flame in the chest and brought anything that comes up – resistance, fear, hesitation, wounds etc. – to it, knowing the flame knows what’s needed for it to resolve.

A couple of extra notes: In my teens and early twenties, I experienced the Christ presence strongly – especially when I used the Heart Prayer and the Christ meditation (visualizing Christ a the seven points – above, below, in front, behind, either side, and in the heart). At that time, Christ was experienced as a fiery presence, especially in the heart and on top of the head (in the aura, it showed up as a flame on top of the head). Now, there is a far more gentle presence of Christ, and the experience is one I associate more with the belly center – soft, nurturing, gentle, loving.

Also, in my late teens and early twenties, I did wholeheartedly and sincerely – at a conscious level – give my whole life over to the divine. Now, the parts of me not quite on board with this has surfaced with an invitation for me to see, feel and love them as they are. This means I am not quite there, where I wholeheartedly, sincerely, can give my life over to the divine. And I don’t have to. It will come again when and if it’s time.

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