They are noisy, they don’t love me

I talked with a (new) friend of mine today, and he has a pet peeve of people eating noisily at the cinema. I know that one for myself.

Off and on, I have done inquiry on noisy people. In the beginning, I did inquiry on the obvious (to me) thoughts:

They are inconsiderate. He is crude. She is oblivious.

Something shifted, and yet I noticed that something was left as well. I stayed with it for a while, and very quietly a deeper belief surfaced:

They don’t love me.

It had been hidden from view earlier, because it didn’t seem rational. And yet, it was there, held as an innocent belief, and it revealed itself when I became very still.

Noisy people don’t love me. They are noisy, and that means they don’t love me.

Just by finding that thought, there was a deeper resolution. There is still, at times, some stress around noise (although with little emotional energy attached to it), and that shows me there is something left, there is more to see there.

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