Nature of reality, nature of illusion

I keep coming back to this:

Realizing the nature of reality.

As with so much, the nature of reality can be noticed as an “other” or as what I am – the “I without an “other”. Often it’s first noticed as an other, perhaps with glimpses of it as what I am, and then – over time, through experience – there is a gradual shift into it comfortably, easily being recognized as what I am.

And what’s the nature of reality? This too has layers and facets. It’s all – the whole field of experience, this world, what appears as you and I as humans – as presence, love, intelligence. It’s all as awakeness. It’s the capacity for all of this, capacity in it’s form of awakeness, presence, love, intelligence.

Realizing the nature of reality is ongoing. It’s reality noticing itself in it’s many aspects and layers, revealing itself to itself.

Realizing the nature of illusion.

Realizing the nature of illusion is also multifaceted and has many layers.

The basic one is that our conventional experience of the world – as a me here in this human form, an I as this observer and doer, a world out there with many beings and objects – is only true to a certain extent. It’s real to us because we take it as real. It appears real to us only to the extent we don’t recognize it’s true nature of presence, love, intelligence, awakeness, and the capacity for all of this. And it appears real because we take our images and thoughts – about ourselves, the world, others, God – as real. We take our mental overlay as real, true and solid, which makes this layer of interpretation and labels appear real, true and sold. It makes this overlay of images and thoughts appear as if it was reality itself, the world itself.

Taking this further, we can investigate the many intricacies in how this happens. What happens when I take this specific image, this specific thought, as true, in this specific situation?How do I live my life? How do I relate to and treat myself and others? What happens with the emotions? What other images and thoughts come up? What happens in the body? How would it be to recognize it’s just an image, a thought? How would it be to live from this recognition?

And this too is ongoing. It’s reality exploring how it temporarily creates a world for itself, takes it as real, and perceives and lives as if it’s real. At some point, this may have been seen through sufficiently so our images and thoughts tend to not have so much hold, and yet, even here, some may in some situations, perhaps especially when old wounds are triggered. There is always further to go.

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