Who would it like to be met by?

When a wounded/fearful aspect comes up, ask: Who would it like to be met by? (Who in me, which aspect of me.)

When a belief comes up, ask is it true? When I find the knowing it’s not true, meet the feeling associated with the belief with the knowing it’s not true. Hold it in love, and the knowing it’s not true.

Hold satsang with the wounded, fearful parts, the beliefs. Meet with wisdom, love, presence, sincere inquiry.

Ask the divine (God, Christ) for help. Ask for the light of the divine to shine on this, let it all be seen, held in love and wisdom.

Note: A part of the dark night of the soul, for me, has been temporary loss of capacity to meet what’s here – the wounds, the fears, the beliefs, the victim. Now, it seems time for a shift into finding this capacity again, becoming more familiar with it again.

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