Adyashanti: At the moment, you can feel it’s all the same energy

It infuses all those human characteristics with the energy of transcendence, but you are not transcended. So you start to feel the same freedom within all those different patterns, within all those different energies. They start to find their true nature.

When anger finds it’s true nature, it finds clarity. When grief find it’s true nature, it finds joy. It doesn’t mean that grief disappears. They can be simultaneously happening, like heads and tails of a coin. You can be in deep grief, and deep joy. I know, I have had it happen. Absolute joy, the biggest joy you can imagine, and the biggest grief you have experienced in your life, and they are just there.

At that moment, you can feel it’s all the same energy. This way it’s joy, this way it’s grief. I never knew they were the same energy!

So that’s the thing, when you open to one energy, it’s opposite will tend to show up. The transmutation is a spontaneous uniting of all the opposites.

– Adyashanti, Kanuga retreat April 2012, session 5, 47 min 48 sec.

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