Adyashanti: The somatic part of the insight

It’s the somatic part of the insight, that’s where the old conditioning grooves in. They are in your somatic structure. There is the intellectual conditioning, and it may be difficult for people to see through and get rid of. But the somatic imprinting, that’s something different.

That’s why I tell people, when you have a moment of spiritual clarity let your system feel it, let it partake of it. Don’t just go “yeah, I got it, well done” and then off to the next thing. Then there is no imprinting. In the realm of your insights you may have seen the truth, but your body goes right back to the old conditioning. And then you wonder, how can I know something and at the same time not know it. “I know it, and why did I say that when I know it’s not true?” That’s often the split between insight and the whole body-mind. At the level of insight you know it, but your body is still operating on the old conditioning.

So when you slow it down, you receive the insight. Not only the intellectual part but also right down into the somatic part you receive it. It literally re-imprints your body with that true perception. Once it imprints at that somatic level, there is no losing it. Your whole system has got it, not just a part of you.

– Adyashanti, Kanuga retreat April 2012, session 10, 33-36 min.

This very much fits my experience. For some years, there was a good deal of clarity and insight at the level of the head (view) and heart (love). Then, there was an invitation for it to also move into the belly (emotions, body).

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