Adyashanti: Meeting it with love, compassion, and the light of consciousness

It has to be met with love and compassion, and the light of consciousness.

Yes, it’s loving, yes, it’s compassion, but it also has a fiery aspect.

Now, people are very different in this regard.

If you can sit, and really do that for yourself without getting totally lost in it, then wonderful.

Sometimes, people can’t do that. They get janked out, and they are completely lost in it, and they can’t approach it. They need someone there to keep them grounded, keep them present, so the energy doesn’t pull them off completely.

But ideally, it would be really just the turning, the meeting, with that compassionate light, just right on the experience.

We have this wonderful phrase in Zen, like two arrows meeting in mid-air. It’s meeting it with that precision.

– Adyashanti, Kanuga Retreat, session 10

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