The word awake can be used in many different ways.

It can mean awake as opposed to asleep, in an everyday sense.

It can mean reality awake to itself, to it’s own nature, at least to some extent.

And it can mean awake to what’s here, again in a very ordinary sense. What’s here – the content of experience – may appear clear and expanded or dull and contracted. Content doesn’t matter. There is still awakeness to what’s here. And that’s a very real awakeness.

I know for myself it’s easy to mistake a particular content for “awake”, especially content that’s clear, expanded, and perhaps even filled with love and bliss. When this content changes, as it will, for instance into dullness and contraction, a thought may say “awakeness went away” and if it’s taken as true it may lead to turmoil and a sense of loss.

And yet, all of that is content. It’s content within awakeness.

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