Jeannie Zandi: Dark Night – The Breakdown of the Mythology of Me

It’s often the case that the person has been engaged in spiritual work (though not always), or has said some sort of “dangerous” prayer, whether consciously or unconsciously, such as “Thy will not mine” or “All I want is truth” or “Make me an instrument of your peace.” [p. 4]

It is as though Love is calling for an embodied radical openness and surrender, and out of fear, the creature fights that invitation somewhere in the body and a clench results. It’s as though the creature of the body is screaming, “Noooooo!” [p. 6]

I just read Dark Night: The Breakdown of the Mythology of Me by Jeannie Zandie, and thought it was very good. It’s written with psychotherapists in mind, and will probably be helpful for anyone going through a dark night or is close to someone going through a dark night. I especially liked the two quotes above.

Here is a related and briefer article by Jeannie Zandie called Let It Have You.

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