Jeff Foster: If you sit long enough with sadness

If you sit for long enough with sadness, fear or anger, or some strange energy or urge you can’t even name, in a place of no hope and no expectation, it eventually breaks apart, its imagined edges and boundaries dissolving into the vastness, and it reveals its deep intelligence, and its benevolent nature.

At the core of everything we run away from is everything we long for. And we’ll never know if we run away.

– Jeff Foster

Yes. Depending on what’s available and what comes up….

Meet it with love, hold it as you would a child that’s sad, afraid, angry.

Find a gentle curiosity about it, listen to what it has to say, wordlessly find what’s more true, hold it within that clarity.

Notice it’s already allowed as it is.

Notice it wishes to protect, and comes from innocent love.

You are welcome here. Thank you for your protection of me. I am sorry for having pushed you away. I love you.

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