Jeff Foster: Want everything that appears

Nothing will ultimately satisfy you – no object, no substance, no person, no amount of money or success or fame – simply because what you truly seek is your Self, which is not something you can acquire, find or keep, since there cannot be two of you. As long as you are seeking, every ‘thing’, every experience, no matter how pleasurable or intense, will eventually be a letdown. It will seem impermanent and transitory, limited and limiting, compared with the magnificent ever-presence of That which you truly seek. Despair will result.

One solution is to want nothing, since no thing will satisfy. The problem? ‘Things’ still appear, and wanting not to want is the biggest want of all. Wanting things to disappear piles suffering on top of suffering.

The other solution? See yourself in everything, and as everything, and want everything – want all of yourself, all of life, the bliss and the pain of it, the success and the failure, the certainty and the doubt. Want the waves as they arise and want the waves as they disappear. Be hungry for all life. Deny none of it. Face it all and take it all into yourself.

Then everything will satisfy, for everything will taste of That which you seek – the highs as much as the lows – and you will never be incomplete again, no matter how much you have, or how much you lose. Everything will be nourishing food for you.

Want everything that appears, no matter how trivial or painful, and true abundance is already here.

– Jeff Foster

And how? Finding the intention is one. Another is to identify and inquire into images and thoughts that prevents me from seeing it’s already this way.

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