Jeff Foster: Without the label ‘fear’

Without the label ‘fear’, what is fear? Without the label ‘sadness’, what is sadness? Without the label ‘anger’, what is anger?

Instead of calling it ‘fear’ or ‘anger’ or ‘sadness’, drop that heavy, second-hand label, pregnant with judgement and thousands of years of karma, and directly contact, first-hand, this raw, present-moment sensation in the stomach, the chest, the neck. Allow the sensation to burn, tingle, flutter, move, however intense it is. Allow it to live, to express, to be here, just for now. Contact the miracle of life in its raw state, before the layers of words and the play of opposites. Feel the vibrantly alive energy of what’s here, without the labelling. Feel the life in it. Can you see, this is not AGAINST life – this IS life?

Perhaps it’s not what you think it is.

– Jeff Foster


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