Nisargadatta Maharaj: Even the painful is lovable

I do have problems. I told you already. To be, to exist with a name and form is painful, yet I love it.

In existence everything is contained. My very nature is to love; even the painful is lovable.

– Nisargadatta Maharaj, from ‘I Am That’.

And another expression of the same/similar insight:

this is a post
in honor of innocence.
then my toddler has an owie
she kisses it,
and then she says,
“owie, i love you.”

we both got owies at the same time.
mila kisses her owie daily, whispering ‘I love you’
or, “owie, I like you so much”
I nurse my owie with healing salves.

mila awoke today,
‘where is my owie?’

it was gone.
my owie is still on my toe.

if you have an owie,
do tell it you love it. i think owies like to be loved.
whether they are internal or external owies.


– words from the belly

It’s very simple, and also a very helpful practical pointer.

The only reason this doesn’t (appear) to happen spontaneously and always is that mind is identified. Images and thoughts are held as true, at a conscious and/or emotional level.

In exploring this, several things may happen.

I may notice fear of what may happen if I find love for what’s here, and images and thoughts held as true creating these fears.

I can find love for these fears, and inquire into the images and thoughts.

I may notice how the parts of me and my experience I have (apparently) withheld love from seek and wish for this love, they seek to find rest, come home.

I may notice the relief in finding love for what’s here, and the love, rest and sense of being home that’s in it.

I may find love for any images of “it” and “I” here too, and through that, notice they are simply images.

I may find that what thought labeled “it” and “I” are (what thought may label) presence, awareness, and – yes – love. Already love. What “it” and “I” seek is what “they” already are.

I may find that what thought sometimes said I was looking for – enlightenment, situations, love from others – was really a wish for this, for (a) meeting what’s here with love, and (b) noticing it already is.

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