Opening to what’s here

I continue to notice (what a thought labels) a faint dread in my body.

And I notice the tendency to run away from it – to distract myself, do something fun, get something done, think about something, sleep. It’s not very satisfying in the long run, and now I feel ready to more consistently meet what’s here, including this dread.

How is it to open to it? To this experience, to what’s here? How is it to open to the dread, the impulse to run away, and any fears and images about opening to it?

Is it true that this opening to it is not already here? How is it to notice the opening to it is already here?

How is it to find curiosity for what’s here? For how it may unfold or (apparently) stay the same? How is it to stay with it for a while?

What’s really here, if I leave the label?

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