Session with Barry

Brief summary of parts of tonight’s session with Barry:

A sense of numbness, paralyzed, especially around relationships.

Behind that, sadness. (Staying with the sadness, there is a sense it was transmitted to me through my parents.)

Behind that, images from childhood. The young me felt isolated, didn’t feel completely at home, felt that something was missing and didn’t quite know what.

From Christ level, reaching out, enveloping him, touching his heart.

He becomes the Christ child, relating to others at the soul level, as souls (whether they are aware of themselves as that or not). It’s beautiful.

Also, a sense that this needs to reach back through all incarnations and into all future incarnations. Enveloped by Christ, heart touched by Christ, infused by Christ.

We ended with bringing in the new level of grace, enveloping me/us completely, working at a cellular level. (May write about more another time.)

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