To a part: Who are you really?

I’ll simplify it:

After connecting with a part – a subpersonality, voice, part of my psyche – take it’s perspective.

Then ask, who are you really?

And wait for the answer. Let it show itself, silently, wordlessly.

Put into words, the answer may be….. presence, love. Stay with the question and what unfolds. The labels are less important.

Initial draft….

Here are two ways of exploring what a part – a subpersonality, voice, part of my psyche – really is:

The part, in this case: Abandoned, without support. (Hurt, angry, victim.)

(a) I can explore it as if from the outside. What is it really, this part?

I may notice it’s an image + sensations. It’s wish is to protect me, or rather the image/appearance of me. It’s presence. It’s awareness. It’s love.

(b) And I can invite it to explore for itself. Who are you really?

I am presence. Love. (Inquiring from the perspective of the part.)

And take time to notice, feel it, let it sink in.

A thought would say that the first is, in this context, more transcendent, and the second more immanent.

Note: Thanks to Pamela Wilson for suggesting inquiring into this from the perspective of the part, and to Kiara for reminding me!

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