Deep rest

When I ask myself what would satisfy me forever, and ask the same question from subpersonalities, what I or the part long for surfaces.

And one facet of this is deep rest. (Other labels may be home, love, deep acceptance, trust, aliveness.)

How do I find this deep rest? How does it find itself? Here are some pointers that are alive for me now.

Open to what’s here. Open to the discomfort, unease, restlessness, what appears the most dense and dark.

Notice it’s already opened to, before any intention by “me” to open or close to it.

Holding satsang with parts of me. Welcome them. Ask them how they would like me to be with them. Recognizing their innocence, their protection of “me”, their devotion to me, their love for me. Meeting them with love. Asking them their function. Asking them who they protect. Inviting them to explore who they really are.

Asking myself, is this opening that’s already here other than what I am? Is it true that this capacity for what’s here is other than what I am?


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