Deepest desire

Some aspects of holding satsang with what’s here – emotions, images, thoughts, sensations, discomfort, restlessness, identification etc.


(a) Welcoming what’s here. (b) Notice it’s already welcome. It’s already allowed to be as it is.

This is (a) setting an intention of welcome and (b) clear(er) seeing of what’s already here.

It’s an opening to what’s here.

Thank you.

Thank you for your protection. Thank you for your devotion to me. Thank you for your love.

This is an opening of the heart to what’s here.


I notice it comes from love. It is love. And that makes it easier for me to find love for it.

When I notice it is love, love is already here, love is already found.


How would you like me to be with you? (To the part, what’s here.)

What is your deepest longing? What would satisfy you forever?

Who are you really? How big are you? Do you have an outside?

And when it goes peaceful, and if it feels right: What in your field of experience would like your attention now? (To me globally.)


 These questions invoke a response. For instance, by asking what would satisfy it forever, just that may emerge. It may be helpful to stay with it for a while, feel it, allow it to sink in, and it’s not always needed to put a label on it. (Although if there is a label, it may be rest, love, acknowledgment etc.)

Some of these have more to do with the head center, the clear seeing, noticing what’s already here. Other have to do with the heart center, noticing and finding love. And yet other aspects has to do with the belly center, allowing it to sink in, feeling it, inviting it to reorganize me at an emotional level and in a very human way. And it’s all an expression of natural kindness and wisdom.

It’s an invitation for all the different very human parts of me to wake up to their beauty, their innocence, their love, and what they really are. It’s an invitation for all of these different parts to realize the nature of illusion, the appearances and discomfort created when they are not awake to what they really are, and for them to realize the nature of reality, what they really are. It’s an invitation for them to catch up with the clarity, love and wisdom that’s here globally, and for this global level to realize the nature of illusion and the nature of reality a little further, through the realization of these aspects of the psyche.


recognize what i am, and dread is that, and there is already permission for dread to be dread
then ask for deepest desire, what do you long for, what would satisfy you forever
sweet form of caring

(a) notice it’s already permitted to be as it is
(b) notice its function is to protect, it’s innocent, it’s from deep devotion, deep love
(ci) ask it how it would like me to be with it
(cii) ask it what its deepest longing is, what would satisfy it forever (out of kindness)
(d) ask it what it is

head, heart, belly included

the questions invoke a response (which then may or may not be labeled, put into words)

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