Dream: An invasion

There is an invasion of sorts. A German (or Russian?) soldier comes into my house and tries to be friendly although I get the sense he wants something from me. I am polite back and am not giving it to him. I look over to the neighbor’s house and see that a soldier is there too.

I am now a different person and am hiding up in the mountains, in a small village (in the Alps?). I have amnesia but know I am a foreigner and in hiding from the soldiers who are mostly in the lowlands. A local man comes with a newspaper, and there is a picture of me on the back. I look quite handsome, and it turn out I am quite well known where I am from.

I don’t often have these types of dreams, although it has happened. There was a sense of mild confusion throughout it all, from not quite understanding what was happening in the first dream, and from having amnesia in the second. This does reflect my day experience right now. There is a sense of feeling a little “lost” in terms of my “inner” process, even if I do have tools and hold satsang with what’s coming up. I also feel somewhat lost in my life in the world, mostly from the cf and not quite knowing what my next steps will be (and some fear around it). There is also a sense of “amnesia” since the “dark night” phase seems to have wiped out much of who I was and my memories of my earlier life has less of a sense of “me” around them. Both of these dreams were observed from a third person perspective, and the main character is not who I am in waking life, but also clearly “me” in the dream (as everyone and everything really are).

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