Jeff Foster: Meet a feeling without history

Meet a feeling without history.

Next time a wave of sadness, or anger, or fear, or some kind of nameless despair, appears in the present moment, can it simply be allowed right now? Don’t try and find its cause, or its solution; don’t try and analyse it or work out the answers right now. The answers may come in time. The solutions may appear. But right now is the invitation – to know yourself in the midst of this as the wide open space for all that appears, the capacity for it, the home for it – not its victim or slave. Let all feelings be embraced in the loving arms of presence, just for a moment. Even if thought tries to push ‘what is’ away, or judge it, or spins off into planning and regret, notice that even those movements are allowed in the spacious awareness that you are. Notice how there is always enough space here, even for feelings of limitation.

Nothing can distract you from meditation, when everything becomes part of meditation. This is meditation without a path, without a controller, without a script. It is meeting everything not as a separate entity, but as who you truly are.

– Jeff Foster

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