Opening to what’s here IV

I sometimes have heartache come up, and again notice the benefit – at least right now – of being slightly disciplined in relating to it. I can chose one of the following, stay with it, and perhaps explore another later when that comes to me.

(a) Opening to the heartache itself. By bringing attention to the heartache itself, the sensations, and leave to the side any stories that goes with it, I can open to it, open my heart to it, bring it into my heart. I can allow it it’s life. Looking a little closer, I see there is also opening to it, and also any struggle there may be here around it.

(b) Listening to the fears behind it, and see what’s more true for me. By writing down the stories that goes with it, the stories of fear, pain, victimhood, they are seen and can be taken to inquiry.

(c) Satsang with this part of me. By inviting this part of me to find who or what it really is, there is an invitation for this part of me to recognize for itself what it really is. (Which often can be labeled protection, love, awakeness, although these labels are not the point here.)

(d) Welcome and meet with love. “You are welcome here.” “I am sorry for having pushed you away.” “I love you.”  Notice it’s already welcome, and it is from a desire to protect, it is from love, and it is love.

(e) Holding within awakeness/presence/love. By shifting into what all of this really is (the labels may be similar to above), and holding this pain and heartache within and as it, it’s allowed it’s life and it’s allowed – in it’s own time – to move, to shift into what’s next.

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