Openining to a pull to tragedy, collapse

Two parts of me I have explored opening to and holding satsang with:

The one that’s drawn to tragedy and drama, especially in my own life.

And the one that sometimes collapses when things get overwhelming. That sometimes goes under when deep wounds, hurts, beliefs and fears surface.

And with each of them:

Can I open to it?

Is it true that opening is not already here? (Before any intention to open or close to it?)

You are welcome here.

Thank you for your protection of me. Thank you for your deep devotion to me. Thank you for your deep love for me.

To the part:

How would you like me to be with you?

What is your function, your job?

Who do you protect? (What may be found: an image of a me, a person in the world.)

Who are you really? (What may be found: an image, label, sensations, protection, presence, love, awakeness.)

Thank you for your strength. I need your strength.

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