Realizing the nature of illusion and reality, at global and local levels

I keep returning to this these days:

It seems that there are two things that can be realized: The nature of illusion, the dynamics around taking images and thoughts as true. And the nature of reality, what we are, which can be labelled presence, love, awakeness, all of this appearing as form, and capacity for all of this.

This realization is ongoing, reality keeps revealing itself to itself.

And it can be realized at two levels: At a global level, as the whole of what’s here, the whole field of awareness. And at a local level, by subpersonalities, aspects of the psyche.

This realization by subpersonalities is especially interesting for me now.

The way they operate is often formed early in life, and – for most of us – within a worldview of separation. They  operate as if there is a separate self here to protect and take care of. And this made perfect sense at the time, and as long as the nature of illusion/reality is not to some extent realized.

At some point, after there is some realization of the nature of illusion/reality, these subpersonalities surface to find their own liberation. They wish to find liberation from their unease and beliefs. They wish to rest.

And this can be done by holding satsang with them.

As Pamela Wilson also points out: Before, they protected me. Now, they invite me to become a sage.

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