Recurrent childhood dream: Falling into a witch’s cauldron

I had a recurrent dream as a child.

I climb up the ladder to the attic in our house. As I get high enough to see into the attic, the ladder and floor disappear. I fall through darkness for a while, until I see that I am about to fall into a cauldron stirred by a witch.  She looks up at me and grins.

Since whatever shows up in my dreams are clearly me, I can have satsang with this witch  (and any other element of the dream) as I would any other part of me and my experience.

You are welcome here.

Thank you for protecting me. (I can assume she is here to protect me, even if I am not sure exactly how yet.)

What would satisfy you forever?

Who are you really?

And some beliefs:

Something terrible will happen. I will die. She is evil.

Note: When I welcome a part of me or my experience that I have habitually pushed away (made wrong), it feels unfamiliar at first, fear may come up, and a thought may tell me this is wrong, or that something terrible will happen. I noticed this when I first welcomed the witch, thanked her for protecting me, found love for her etc. So as this fear and these thoughts surface, I can welcome and thank them, and stay with it for a while until returning to the witch. Whatever is here that feels uncomfortable, contracted, fearful and so on can be welcomed, thanked, asked how it would like me to be with it, loved and so on.

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