Satsang with any part of my world

I can hold satsang with what thought will say is a part of me, a subpersonality, a part of my psyche, such as emotions, images, thoughts, wounds, sensations, physical pain and so on.

I can hold satsang with any element of my dreams, such as characters, trees, landscapes, buildings and so on.

And I can hold satsang with any part of my world, any part of my field of experience, what a though may label as part of the “external world”. These too are as much part of my world, as much part of my field of experience, as much part of “me” as anything else. A thought may say they reflect me, another thought say they are me, and it doesn’t matter. It’s as helpful to hold satsang with the parts of my field of experience labeled “external world” as anything else.

What in the external world calls my attention in this moment? What appears disturbed or uneasy, or what brings up unease in me?

Some tension and unease in a family member (what a thought labels tension, unease).

You are welcome here.

How would you like me to be with you?

What is your deepest desire? What would satisfy you forever?

Who are you really?

And if what I see in the external world, or holding satsang with it, brings up unease, tension or contraction in me, I can hold satsang with that too. (Again, what a thought labels external world, unease, tension, contraction, me.)

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